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Take Better Pictures With Your Digital Camera

Today?s cameras make taking pictures a lot easier than the one?s of yesterday. There is always room for improvement, however. Use the following tips to help make your photos go from acceptable to great. 1. Always be aware of the background. You don?t want to find trees growing out of people?s heads or a passing […]

Olympus SP-570 UZ Digital Camera

Body of an ultra-zoom. Soul of an SLR. With superior optics, power and portability, the SP-570 UZ provides a wealth of creative control without the expense of an SLR. Whether you’re looking for 20x optical zoom or 13.5fps sequential shooting, this all-in-one, versatile, compact camera is great for outdoor, travel and sports photography. For more […]

Olympus E410 camera review by What Digital Camera

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