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Nikon D3x Preview by What Digital Camera magazine

WDC takes a first look at the new Nikon D3x professional DSLR, announced on 1st December 2008.

25 Responses to “Nikon D3x Preview by What Digital Camera magazine”

  1. jamaram47 Says:

    Well you are half right. The pixel count is double BUT that does not mean that the resolution is double. It’s like “The Emperor’s New Clothes” To get a clearer perspective look at what has gone before. 35mm to 120 to 5×4 then 10×8 each larger format 4 times the area (to have any meaningful increase in resolution) an “Inconvenient Truth”

  2. 250zt1fcdpymrnk Says:

    No, 1DS3 is better than the D3x in many respects. Canon has a better lens lineup too.

  3. 250zt1fcdpymrnk Says:

    Incorrect. That’s the myth that people are trying to perpetuate, by saying that in order to double each side of a print, you need to quadruple the resolution. This is true… BUT..

    24mp is double the resolution of 12mp… it’s simple math. There are twice as many pixels in an image, plain and simple.

  4. jamaram47 Says:

    Just a small point. The D3x is double the resolution of the D70 not the D3. The D3x would need to be 48mB not 24 to be double the resolution of the D3.
    (remember inverse square law)

  5. adrianrubi Says:

    thanks for replying. i do find a lot of nikons with the made in thailand mark on their bottoms. yes the two models are exact rivals.

  6. hasalhoff Says:

    i duno….. i got the 5d mark 2 and the extra pixels make a huge difference in resolution comparing it to my old 5d, even better so for cropping if it is required.

  7. bridgeoverwater627 Says:

    I know that the D3x has more megapixels- something like 21 on the 1DS mkIII. Since it’s also much newer, it probably has more advanced software too. The two cameras made to rival each other, that’s for sure.

    Not all Nikon products are made in Japan. Some are made in Thailand, and I think some stuff is made in China.

  8. adrianrubi Says:

    is the nikon d3x better than the canon ds mark 3?

    are all nikons made in japan?

  9. Krisleader Says:
  10. DjungleJim Says:

    there is no different what so ever between Nikon D3 and D3x,.

    U dont need the extra pixels that comes with the D3x.

    Don´t buy it

  11. porschech Says:

    I tried this camera to day 😀 very good, but In Norway you have to pay over 10000 dollars 😀 lol

  12. Brennboy Says:

    Nikon is the best and I can’t wait to upgrade my D2x with this beauty.

    If you can’t afford it, stop complaining and be happy with your little Sony.

  13. WilBloodworth Says:

    Spoken like someone who doesn’t own the $500 SB-900. I own both and the SB-900 is totally different (and much better) than the SB-800.

  14. lolrgf Says:

    are you stupid?

  15. bpopd Says:

    You are right. I do know of a certain individual who has pre-ordered one already, regardless of the market slump.

  16. mattblack77nz Says:

    Blah, blah, blah! If you don’t like the price, don’t buy one. Why does everyone feel the need to sit and complain about the price?

  17. chsjumper11 Says:

    photography is very expensive in itself no matter what level you are at

    chances are the people who do buy this camera as well as any other DSLR are not too adversely affected by this recession and are financially stable

  18. emachuca Says:

    The $8,000 D3x is Nikon’s greatest scam just after releasing a $500 flash that does nothing better than the old $300 flash, not to mention the $500 GPS unit that easily cost less than $50 to manufacture.

  19. Tortphoto Says:

    Nikon and Sony’s technology that is put into the sensors are deferent. nikon handles noise much better then the sony

  20. rustynasty143 Says:

    Don’t confuse your self here, its a sony sensor and sony manufacturer. nikon don,t design their own sensor only the body thats why its a sony sensor got it.

  21. bpopd Says:

    nope, sony just manufactures nikon’s sensors. But is it owned by sony, nope. It’s designed by Nikon’s engineers, sony is only the manufacturer. But since there was already a 24.5mp sensor available from Sony, Nikon might have taken that sensor as a baseline to rework.

  22. bpopd Says:

    people have always complained, but they got use to it, and nikon decided to release a $8000 camera during a recession that’s felt worldwide…

    it’s like adding oil to the fire.

  23. bpopd Says:
  24. bpopd Says:
  25. sdsaadosh Says:

    thank u but what about D3’s sensor ?

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